Cinematic Influences

This is a response to those who ask about the influences in my photography, being self taught there are many conscious and unconscious including music, literature, storytelling and art far too many to list here on this blog. I’m sure it surprizes a few that fellow photographers aren’t high on my list but I’ll come back to that at a later date as here I want to show some of the more cinematic influences for me.

It’s the opposite to jump cuts and commercial its more about poetics and emotion, and like friends who have told me similar to Donald Trump etc they don’t do subtitles, similarly with black and white or silent they just don’t get it. 

So if your still here you will be rewarded with different endings, something to think about for a while and a visual feast. If that doesn’t suit one of my favourite responses is from the Turkish conductor on the 14hr train journey Istanbul to Thessalonica who when people complained he instructed “Go back to sleep!” 

But if you’re ready here are my top 20 Movie Directors who have influenced my photography …

Carl Dreyer/ Faces

Andrei Tarkovsky /Colour

Yasujirō Ozu /Low Angle Interiors

Krzysztof Kieślowski /Colour Washes

Béla Tarr /Black & White Long Shots & Weather

Paweł Pawlikowsk /Black & White

Roman Polanski /Interior Angles

Michelangelo Antonioni /Architecture & Saturation

Leos Carax /Grand Staging

Wim Wenders /Location & Placing

Pedro Almodovar/Colour & Interiors

Christopher Doyle in Wong Kar-Wai /Master of Saturation and Angles

Nuri Bilge Ceylan /Subtle Washes & Locations

Pier Paolo Pasolini/ Street & Angles

Federico Fellini /Faces & Theatrical

Theo Angelopoulos /Place & Time

Wes Anderson /Interiors and Still life

David Lynch /The Subconscious

David Lean /Space and Place

Stanley Kubrick /Expanse

Thanks to the contributors, my opinions are personal and I welcome any responses.

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