North of Eden : A Place of Fallen Gods by Saal Books

A short while ago Saal books offered me the opportunity to try out their photo book publishing which of course I was delighted to try. It took me a while to navigate their software but I got there in the end and went for the acrylic cover with leather and glossy pages after initially going for lustre.They provided photoshop profiles and font customisation along with templates which I didn’t use. 

The result is stunning and the images here (taken on my phone ) don’t do the book justice . From the lay flat design to the colour reproduction and binding they deliver to the highest standards. I was also impressed by the speed of delivery and the fact they give you a choice at a reasonable price something other photobook publishers could learn from . I will be using them again and will try their print production site as the quality is suitable for exhibiting and better than most of the top printers I’ve used before.

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